Hudson Daybreak Rotarians and friends recently welcomed Sofie Daniels, a foreign exchange, student to the community. Daniels arrived from her home of Tongeren, Belgium Friday afternoon Aug. 11.

She is hosted by Blake and Mona Schomas and their family. Blake and Mona are non-Rotarians but learned of the program through a Rotarian neighbor. Daniels graduated from her hometown high school but is choosing to use the gap year exchange before entering university back home. She will be attending Hudson High School and enrolling in senior level classes.

Hudson Noon and Daybreak Rotary clubs have hosted exchange students for many years. Many hosts have made lifelong friendships that feel much like family.

If you are interested in learning more about Rotary or participating in the exchange program please feel free to visit one of the local clubs.

Detailed information for the youth exchange program can be found at