Want to help make a positive impact on our community and around the world? Join Rotary!

What are the two top reasons people join Rotary?
We're not surprised at all by the answer. Recent research conducted by Rotary International reveals members join for friendships and to make a difference in their community
Our club has spent thousands of hours throughout the years to help create a positive impact on our local and global community. And through all of these efforts, we have all formed some great relationships. 
Hudson Daybreak Rotary is a Golden Rule Club and works to respect all viewpoints and set aside divisiveness to achieve better outcomes, especially for our local youth. Looking for an organization that welcomes all? Consider joining Rotary!
What are some outdated myths about Rotary?
  • MYTH 1: Rotary is a secret society.
    TRUTH: Rotary has no secret handshake, no hat, no secret meetings, and no secret rituals. It is an open society that simply believe in helping others.
  • MYTH 2: Rotary is exclusively a male-only organization.
    TRUTH: Rotary started out as a men-only organization YEARS and YEARS ago. Our Club is proud to have female leaders on a local and district level.
  • MYTH 3: You have to be older to join Rotary.
    TRUTH: Absolutely not! We actually have a reduced membership for those under 35 to encourage young leaders to step up into Rotary.
  • MYTH 4: Owning a business is a must.
    TRUTH: Nope! Our members include all levels of professionals and retirees. The real connection is we are all interested in being more connected and doing good for our community.
  • MYTH 5: Rotary is a local group
    TRUTH: Rotary International is one of the largest and oldest service clubs in the world….not political, no religious affiliation. When you pay dues, you join the local club and are a member of Rotary International on a global level.
  • MYTH 6: My dues go towards food
    TRUTH: Our membership dues are for your membership in Rotary International, Rotary District 5960 support, and local costs to keep our club running.